What is TEETH?

Weird name for an investment company huh? Here’s what we do.

We invest in and buy small businesses.

And then, we sink our TEETH into making the business more fun, efficient and profitable.

We then align the business with a social cause to give back to the world.

If you need help in your business or are looking to sell, we’d love to hear from you at hello@teeth.capital


A world class business is built on Great People, Amazing Processes and Industry Leading Products/Services.


We believe every business should be full of great people, enjoying what they do.

We work hard to build great company cultures fueled by amazing people.


We believe a culture of "Continual Improvement" is key to growing a successful business.

We never stop testing, tweaking and working on improving our processes.


We believe a great product is the foundation to a great business.

We work hard on making sure our businesses products are world class in their industries.

A business has to be involving -- it has to be fun. And, it has to exercise your creative instincts.

- Richard Branson -

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